Hello! My name is J.R. Johnson, I am a creative writer and recently joined the ranks of published authors. I come from a large tightly knit family from the Bahamas with Christian parents. I often write when inspired or as a means of escaping the routine of daily life. My creative mind is like a forest of ideas that requires constant re-organization and prioritization, then those ideas brought to life through words on a page. I believe that writing is a gift that is meant to be shared, it’s like a flower that requires constant attention and nurturing in order to bloom into something wonderful.

Current Projects

I have completed two manuscripts. The first one is my pride and joy called Prince Eric: Son of a King, which I wrote in 1995 is of the Fantasy Fiction Genre. With the editing help of my younger brother Dacoda Johnson, my book has been published and is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

The second manuscript is called Fire Flies which was completed in 1997 is of the Horror Fiction Genre, but has seen numerous edits over the years. This work is currently undergoing a complete rewrite, so there are no immediate plans for release in any form.

God has blessed me with this talent to write and create, so I will honor Him by aiming to reach my maximum potential, and hopefully make my family proud in the process.