J.R. Johnson is a creative writer that has been writing for many years. His work includes poems, songs, short stories, etc. Writing was just a hobby until recently when he decided to devote more time and focus more on this aspect of his life. This new found devotion has led J.R.J. to complete two manuscripts that he has been working on for many years in his spare time. Although he has not had the privilege of publishing any of his work he continues to write, working hard to achieve that dream one day.

Coming from a large family he is one of six children. As you can imagine, there was a constant battle for attention from our parents. But never being a person to seek attention, I would melt away into a small secluded room of the house where I would draw and write for hours. This valuable alone time helped to develop my gift of writing.

Most times I write when inspired, also as a means of escaping the routine of daily life. My creative mind is like a forest of ideas, that needs to be organized, prioritized and brought to life through words on a page. Writing is a gift that is meant to be shared, it’s like a flower that requires constant attention and nurturing in order to bloom into something wonderful.

Current Projects

As mentioned earlier I have completed two manuscripts. The first, my pride and joy called Prince Eric which I wrote in 1995 is of the Fantasy Genre. Now, with the help of my younger brother Dacoda Johnson, it is being converted into book form and will be released in paper back really soon.

The second is called Fire Flies which was completed in 1997 is of the Horror Genre, but has seen numerous edits over the years. I have decided to do a complete rewrite of this piece so no plans for a release in any form right now.

God has blessed me with this talent to write and create so I will honor Him by using it to it’s maximum potential.


  1. Julian –

    Thanks for your inspiring poem of Thanksgiving. You obviously possess both a love of writing and a gift for doing so. I encourage you to continue developing and refining your craft; good things will evolve from it.



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