A Healthy Relationship Creates An Unbreakable Bond

A healthy relationship creates an unbreakable bond. To understand how this works, we must first look at what makes a relationship a healthy one. Those of us that are currently in relationships will be the first to confess that it is not always easy, and if we are honest, we will affirm that it is a constant work in progress. I chose the adjective “healthy” to describe a relationship for this post. I intentionally refused to use the word “perfect” because there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Let me get that out there from the jump.

Now we can get into some substance. In my opinion, a healthy relationship should consist of constant communication, and for the record, communication is the exchange of information, thoughts, or feelings. The keyword there is “exchange,” which means one person speaks while the other person listens, then the other person gets a chance to respond or speak while the next one hears. The ability to listen is a crucial factor involved in a conversation. Doing this well will allow a person to process information to respond intelligently. Shouting at each other is not communication, or maybe it is some sort, but that is not effective communication. Shouting can escalate to a heated, out of control situation. In that instance, you should discontinue the attempt at a conversation and give written communication a try, which would be a way to get the essential points across without any confrontations.

Respect is a primary recipe for a healthy relationship, and I’m not referring to the one-sided type where an individual expects it but does not reciprocate it. A person can say “I respect you” for as long as they want to repeat it, but if their attitude or actions are disrespectful, then that is how they feel, remember that actions speak louder than words. I have decided not to go in-depth here into the different actions and attitudes that would make an individual question whether someone respects them or not. Still, I will say that you should question your actions or attitude, then reverse the roles and imagine if you would feel respected or disrespected if you were on the receiving end.

Photo by Tristan Le on Pexels.com

A relationship without love is an unhealthy one; it is like a fish without water. It can not survive. Love encompasses respect and communication because you can’t have one without the others, and without these, the relationship is not healthy. When you truly love someone, you are always concerned about their well-being, you care about their feelings, and you would do everything in your power to prevent any harm coming to that person and do your best to keep them happy. We know that love makes the world go-round; we should show that we believe this by the way we live and add that love helps strengthen the bond in a healthy relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, hard times will come, and there will be trials, but when your bond is strong, you have nothing to fear because the relationship can withstand almost anything. In a healthy relationship, one with the ingredients that I mentioned above, you should be willing to forgive each other, come to a mutual understanding, and move forward together. That will ensure a long lasting healthy relationship and an unbreakable bond, hopefully for life.

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