Stay Focused

“Without continued hard work, success will be temporary, and failure will be permanent.” J.R.Johnson.

Throughout our lifetime, we will have moments of success and also moments of failure. Those occurrences are not permanent; both are only temporary situations meant to improve one’s life. Anything that happens to us or our lives, good or bad, often has a lesson or hidden message that we must decipher. For us to be in a position to do that, we must remain focus on our goals and grounded to our core principals.

Whenever we as human beings accomplish some success level based on our personalized markers, we are thrilled with a sense of satisfaction. We tend to become complacent, or so mentally exhausted from the journey towards our perceived success that we feel like this is it, we made it, and there is no need to push on. This premature sense of accomplishment is a mindset that we cannot afford to manifest, and we must dismiss this from our heads. We should look at a stage of success as just that, a stage or a temporary step, but it can become permanent condition base on our level of engagement and drive.

Failure can be heartbreaking and hard to recover from if we let it discourage us. Failure can do either one of two things; it can kill our dreams or fuel our drive to improve our life where needed. We should always use failure as a learning experience, then continue working towards becoming successful in anything that we do and maintaining that success.

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When we teach ourselves not to let success get to our head nor let failure get to our hearts, we will be well on our way to long-term, continued success and not just a one-time temporary condition. We should never allow a temporary phase to set a negative outlook on our lives, instead use that temporary phase as building blocks to establish permanent positive results.

I invite you to use the comment section to share an episode of failure that you then worked to turn into success. Comments can inspire and motive someone reading this that needs it. Thank you in advance for your time.


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