Daddy Sidekick – Week 8

Week 8 of Distance Learning Due to COVID-19 (May 18th – 22nd, 2020)

We are officially in the wind-down mode this week at our house for distance learning as the end of the school year nears. I can imagine children from near and far are anticipating this closure, looking forward to a summer full of fun and mental relaxation. Not only the children, but I dare say that the parents and teachers are now putting their summer plans into high gear as travel is returning with minor restrictions due to reopening guidelines around the world.

There is no doubt that the way we traveled a year ago will be drastically different this summer. Flights will be half-filled, there is expected to be long wait times at the airports and who knows when cruises will resume to a point of enjoyment. Most of the people I know say they will take a road trip and drive to their destination, that is a good idea for those that can, but for those traveling oversees they will have to plan for the changes they will encounter.

For my family, our vacation plans have been placed on hold until we are sure that it is safe for us to leave the country and then to re-enter the country without any hiccups. Our vacation time is spent in the Bahamas on the most beautiful beach you would ever want to see, on the island of Andros. We travel to this special family destination (which is our home) every year and typically spend about two weeks to a month there with the rest of our family. The peace and serenity are heavenly, not to mention the fresh air and crystal clear warm waters.

Photo credit to Julian

Hope is still in the air that we will be able to have our annual family vacation, maybe we do not get to go as early as we usually do but travel later on like in June or July. That would still give us enough time to enjoy ourselves and have a much-needed getaway from the stress of the current times. This pandemic and its repercussions have been hard on everyone, the last thing we need is to spend the entire summer in lock-down.

I am not complaining about the time we got to spend together as a family, that was awesome. We were able to complete all of the work that was presented and spent this week reviewing everything we did for the past few months of virtual learning. Both, my son’s and daughter’s schools held a drive-through pick up your student’s packet day this week. My kids were able to see their favorite teachers and exchange pleasantries from a distance through the opened car window. My son’s third-grade class held its award ceremony on Wednesday via the BBB platform. It was different but nice.

We have made the decision not to travel out of the country this summer if it is not safe to do so or if the second wave spike is worst than the first. We are looking forward to a vacation, especially our kids, but they too understand that any change in our current plans will be based on our safety. Whatever you plan to do this summer, make it fun, enjoy to the fullest, and above all, be safe.

Truly, Julian R. Johnson (Daddy Sidekick).


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