Daddy Sidekick – Week 5

Week 5 of Distance Learning Due to COVID-19 (Apr. 27th – May 1st, 2020)

As we continue on this distance learning journey, I think everyone will agree with me that the students who are new to this method of learning have adjusted well and are settled into a pattern. We have now crossed over to May, so the countdown to the end of the school year has begun. The last day of this school year is scheduled to be May 27th and my kids are looking forward to the mental vacation.

I caught a press conference on Friday held by the New York State Governor, where he announced that his administration is in talks with school leaders about the need to implement a summer school program. He states that this might be needed for any student that fell behind during the shutdown, giving them a chance to catch up on any missed work and take the exams that had to be postponed, rescheduled or canceled for the rest of this school year.

In my opinion, the idea of summer school across the board seems to be a good idea. It will definitely help the students and we all know how much the teachers miss their school children, right? But I would hate to speak for the educators, especially those that have prearranged summer plans. And, my kids have advised me not to speak on their behalf if there was ever to be a debate over summer schooling this year in Florida because they know what my position would be.

There is one topic my children are excited to discuss with me or with anyone that will listen, and if you have read my previous posts you already know what that is. Full-Time Virtual School. I can not say that phrase or think of distance learning forever, without getting a slight headache. It’s not that we won’t be able to handle the duties that come with homeschooling, because we are performing those duties now, but we have future business plans that would have to be delayed to accommodate a life-changing event of this magnitude.

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I can explain to my children a hundred ways why full-time homeschooling is a bad idea for our family right now, but that does not stop them from raising the topic at least twice a week in our home. They are smart enough to know they should compliment me, and they do. I constantly hear of the wonderful job I’m doing as a sidekick to their teachers. My kids would stress the fact that they love learning from home because they get to spend more time with family. I have to agree with them on the positive fact of more family time, but I’m still a hard no on homeschooling at this point.

I think children need to socialize with their peers, get away from their comfort zone, and leave the house for a few hours a day. Those interactions will show our kids a different perspective from what they are used too and add to the life lessons that will help them as they get older. We always assure our children that we are here for them and share with them the importance of experiencing life in stages. No one can or should stay inside hiding from the world for their entire life. It is important to interact, safely.

Truly, Julian R. Johnson (Daddy Sidekick).


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