Daddy Sidekick – Week 3

Week 3 of Distance Learning Due to COVID-19 (Apr. 13th – 17th, 2020).

We had an exciting third week of distance learning and it continues to get better as time goes by. No, I would not go so far as to call myself an expert, far from it but we are getting through this together. This has been a new, rewarding experience that is filled with life lessons that will benefit parents, students and teachers in some way.

Classes at our house begin at 8 AM sharp, tardiness is not allowed and no excuses or exceptions. Because we get an early start in the mornings we tend to get through most of the work by lunchtime, which is at noon. This allows us to have more family time, that is when I can pull myself away from the computer. But, I do now more than ever in hopes of taking advantage of the extra time we have together during this shutdown.

I did say the third week was exciting and I know you are anxious to hear why. Remember in one of my earlier posts I said that physical education was my strongest subject in school right. Well, we got to do a whole lot of recreational activities with the excess free periods after lunch. We played card games and got in a few rounds of garage tennis, which I think my kids enjoy more than the actual tennis court.

Photo by Julian R. Johnson

We went for bike rides every day to the park which takes us along a path near lakes where we were able to take pictures of turtles and watch a mother duck lead its ducklings down into the water. We also saw a bunny trying to sit still to avoid being seen as its brown fur camouflaged with the dried leaves. We saw numerous squirrels all around, some were feeding as others were digging holes to bury food for later.

As we watched these animals in their natural habitats performing the daily routine passed down through generations, I would explain these activities to my kids and attempt to make references to human life. We never miss an opportunity to use any situation for a teachable moment or as a life lesson and our kids are accepting of this, well, most times.

On our way back home, as we pass the park the sprinklers would be on watering the field. The kids would ride up ahead and speed through the jets of water which turns out to be a wonderful drive through cool off. They would take their feet off the pedal and stick their legs out screaming with joy as they pass through. Once we get back to the house, they would take warm showers and relax until dinner time.

So, on this third week, my children got a crash course about nature and had a makeshift safari experience. They loved every minute of it, so we will be adding this into our routine at least once or twice a week. I would encourage everyone to do something fun as a family and stay positive during these uncertain times. Only you have the power to decide how your family comes out of this shutdown and how to apply the life lessons learned.

Truly, Julian R. Johnson (Daddy Sidekick).

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