Be Impressive.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in life is to live a life always trying to impress others. You can be impressive or leave someone impressed with you based on the substantive interactions you have. The intelligent way you hold a conversation can have the effect of impressing a person. Sometimes, the way you dress and conduct yourself can paint a positive impression in one’s mind, thus leaving them impressed. You can impress people without any effort if you are a good singer or good at sports, just to name a few impressive careers, not to be forgotten, an impressive writer. The moral is that you should do your best at whatever it is that you do, and the more you do it the better you will become at it. You will not have to go out of your way or try very hard to impress anyone. Your work ethic and professionalism will show and your talents will speak for itself. Look at it this way, Are you more impressed by what someone says they are going to do, or are you impressed by what someone actually does? As the old saying goes, ”Talk is cheap and money buys land.” So guard your thoughts, you don’t need to do a lot of talking with the hopes of impressing people. Using a sports analogy, Talking a good game is one thing, but until you actually get out there and play the game you have proven nothing. Instead, speak less and do more, then by your works people will realize the impressive life you have. They will be impressed with you, without you even trying. #LoveLife.


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