Make Your Story Worth Reading.

You do not have to be a writer to create a beautiful or meaningful piece of work. Your life can be that work, you can create a life for yourself that is beautiful and meaningful in many different ways. You are the author of the story of your life, you have the power to edit that story and to rewrite it into the masterpiece you want it to be. There will be naysayers and negative minded people that will attempt to discourage you or keep you stagnant. But that is not the space you were intended to remain in, that is not the final script your story should follow. What has happened in the past is history and that can not be changed. But the future is yet to come, that part of the story depends on your ability and willingness to take control of the responsibility to edit your life’s story. Your life may not be perfect, but what defines a perfect life. You can have an enjoyable life if you write the story of your life as well as you can and edit your story as often as you must. #LoveLife.


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