Discipline Wins The Day!

Motivation can lead you to success, but Discipline is the key. Much of what you do requires motivation, either self-motivation or motivation by an outside force or another person. What happens on days when the motivation is not there and you just don’t feel like writing? Usually, you would procrastinate until time passes and nothing gets accomplished. One way to overcome this lag (or writer’s block in some cases) is by being disciplined in every area of your life and in everything that you do. http://www.google.com defines discipline as; ”the practice of training people to obey a code of behavior, ” and behavior is a learned trait that is enforced over time by repetition. Your behavior towards anything displays the areas of your life that are disciplined or are not. What you prioritize in your life and practice over time will become second nature to you. As with writing, if you are a writer or simply love to write, just start writing. It might not make sense on the first review, but you will have a written work that you can edit. You won’t have to give it a second thought or be motivated to start because you will be disciplined enough to know that you must. You need to get to a place where you are disciplined to start a project, which in turn, motivates you to complete it. Learn discipline, it fosters motivation.


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