It’s Okay To Reboot Your Life

When you hear the word reboot you instantly associate it with computers or computer systems, however, that word is not proprietary to computers. You can reboot cell phones, Televisions, automobiles and yes, you can even reboot your life. The word reboot simply means to reset or to stop and start again. But, the other word choices do not carry the dramatic effect or the sense of urgency or importance that the word reboot does.

You can find multiple articles online outlining different ways to reboot your life. One of those articles can be found at titled ‘Reboot your life in 21 days.’ It outlines the process as a gift to yourself that reconnects you with your spirit. The article also describes the act of rebooting as a personal anti-virus program for you to be free of what distracts, disorients and keeps you from your best.

You can reboot your life in stages that would allow you to address certain aspects separately, like your finances, career, health, relationships, marriage, or your mind just to name a few. This can be considered a soft reboot. In really extreme (break glass in case of emergency) situations, you can perform a total reboot of your entire life all at once, giving yourself a fresh start and a clean slate to begin anew with a clear mind. This would be classified as a hard reboot.

A few points to consider before rebooting your life are: to decide what you want out of life, plan for the obstacles, consider the consequences, surround yourself with positive influences and become proactive. A fellow writer Marelisa Fabrega, has some amazing tips on how to reboot specific aspects of your life. You can find those informative tips on her website along with much more helpful articles.

One important point you should always keep in mind when considering this life-changing move, be it a soft or a hard reboot, is to maintain a constant line of communication with a close family member, a trusted friend or a professional. You will want to have someone aware of your situation before and during the process, just in case it stalls out or takes longer than it should. Also, it would benefit you to keep them involved even after your reboot, if only for moral support.

Keep in mind that your reboot is not going to erase your memory, nor should you want it too. While there are some memories you would like to forget, there are many more you would never want to lose, all memories serve a purpose. You can reboot your life at any moment, but most people prefer to do this at the start of a new year. This gives you the mental feeling of a fresh start and the ability to monitor your progress from an easy to remember reference point.

Perform a reboot when you feel the need too and don’t be afraid if you must, everyone has to have at least one in their lifetime. Some people do it early in life, some do it later on in life, some do it more than once and others do it often. But, “Never forget where you’ve been. Never lose sight of where you’ve going. And never take for granted the people who travel the journey with you.” Susan Gale quotes.

A message from titled ‘New Beginnings’ talks about letting go of the negative things in your life and looking forward to new beginnings. Joel states, “As long as you’re dwelling on the past, you’re going to miss the new things God wants to do.” This is the purpose of a reboot, out with the old and in with the new. He describes the process in the simplest way, “The offenses you carry around (the emotional baggage) from yesterday, just drop it.”

Love life and live it to the fullest, never be weary of change, take chances and go make good things happen, the time is right now.

Question: List an aspect of your life that you would reboot or have already rebooted and share the strategy that worked for you?


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