Let Your Light Shine

We must let our light shine at all times. Our light of love, our light of peace, our light of positivity, our light of healing and comfort. Much of the people that we interact with daily are going through dark periods in their lives. The darkness of hate, pain, conflict, and negativity. Some are willing to reach out for help, while others choose to keep it bundled up on the inside. This darkness is noticeable by the way people conduct themselves and by the way they respond or interact with others.

But, if we always allow our light to shine bright in all circumstances, then the darkness will not have a place to manifest. We can do this by simply being kind to people who are not kind. We can choose to be positive whenever a negative thought or situation develops. We can attempt to bring and maintain peace where there is conflict in or around our space. We can be a healing voice of comfort to those around us that are experiencing pain. Most important of all, we can show love where there is hate present, for love drives out hate. Where there is light, there is happiness also. The key to happiness is an individual choice, so choose to be happy every day by being the light in someones darkness or allowing someone’s light to shine through ours.



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