Set the Write Mood.

Photo: Staniard Creek, Andros. The Bahamas

It is a well-known fact that most writers need to be motivated to write. They would find inspiration in some form of a muse to spark their creativity.

I would definitely put myself in the category of needing inspiration or motivation to write. I’m like an old crank engine in the sense that it takes a little effort to get started but once it gets going it keeps going.

Some writers can sit in a quiet room without sound and just write for hours. Others (including me) in that situation would probably fall asleep in a few minutes. When I write indoors I would have music playing in the background on low volume. For me, listening to a favorite playlist helps boost my creativity and it seems to focus my train of thought.

I have done some research on this topic of writing while listening to music and found that it can be effective for some and on the other hand a distraction for others. It all depends on the individual and whichever method is the most comfortable for them. I recommend reading; a fellow writer who has a great blog article on this topic.

As for my preference, I would choose the beach at every opportunity, with scenery that is unmatched for writing. The air is cool and refreshing, the natural light is as perfect as it gets and the sound of waves washing over the shoreline is calming. This atmosphere has a mind-clearing effect that can aid in the redirection of a writer’s focus.

Not everyone has instant access to the beach, I get that. And I’m not saying the beach is the only place to write. But, it works well for me and when I can’t get to the beach I simply pull up one of the many pictures or videos of it. So I have the scenery and the sounds I need to recreate the atmosphere that I’m comfortable writing in.

I truly think the atmosphere we chose to write in plays a crucial role in the quality of our work. Like I said earlier, what works for one writer might not work for another. Try different options and choose the one that works best for you, the one you will be most comfortable with.

I would like to read your comments on this subject. Do you write better with music or in silence and what is your preferred method of inspiration?


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